Varsity Soccer senior Tribute


With a push to the goal, senior Lauren Kaufman passes the ball to senior Natalie Brushke, who then scores the final goal of their senior night game at home game on March 23. The varsity girls soccer team won the game, scoring 3 goals against a big competitor, Oak Ridge High School. The varsity team will be losing 12 of their seniors, who are going on to do amazing things in their futures.

Haley Meek has been on varsity for a year, and has made the decision to focus on academics and leave her soccer days in high school. Meek is a midfielder and prides herself on being united with her teammates and connecting to them on the team. She feels she has grown over the past few years and she worked her way up to a spot on varsity. Meek says her coaches have always had the best interest at heart for the team, and if they’re a little strict, she still loves them for making her the athlete she become.

Madison Bruegger has been a midfielder for the varsity team since she was a freshman. Her favorite memories from the team are scoring a goal against one of the best teams in the district, The Woodlands High School. Bruegger, like Meek, also feels a strong and connected force in her team and knows all the girls will have her back. Bruegger’s senior season has been her best season. For most of the season, she has led with the most goals scored. She is thankful that her coaches have supported her not only in her soccer career, but in life decisions.

Celeste Saravia has been on the varsity team for one year, after being a core part of the JV team for 3 years. Saravia used her experience in JV to her advantage and played her hardest in varsity. One of her favorite memories on the team was going to Georgetown, Austin. She loved connecting with her teammates in a different way and it will hold a strong memory in her heart. She is very appreciative of coach Simpson (varsity soccer coach) for always having her back and being patient with her. Saravia is extremely proud of her senior game and dedicated it to her grandmother, who came out onto the field to watch her compete.

These seniors have put their hearts into the team over the past few years. Though sad to leave, they can’t wait to find out what’s next for them. The varsity soccer team is forever changed by seniors Madison Bruegger, Natalie Bruschke, Emily Callejas, Sophia Dean, Ansley Gormon, Haley Meek, Lauren Molyan, Ava Orlando, Hailey Ponce, Celeste Saravia, Nicoline Veasey, and Ella Jo Weninger. Good luck in your futures to the class of 2023.