Heaven Herrera’s road back to state


On Feb. 17, junior Heaven Herrera made her second appearance at the State Wrestling Competition, after competing once before her freshman year.

Herrera started wrestling at the age of twelve, feeling as if the path was paved out for her after her older siblings all competed in wrestling and loved it. Her parents put her in club wrestling at Spring Kline, where Herrera first found her passion and hasnt given that up since.

In 9th grade, Herrera chose to sign up for the high school wrestling team and see how well she could do. She competed in the 96 weight class and was unstoppable. She competed strongly at most meets, so when the districts and regional championships came around, it came as a breeze, and she qualified for the State Championships. Herrera became the first female wrestler at the school to attend the state competition. As only a freshman, Herreras goal was to compete well at state, which she did, and make her mark as a competitive wrestler.

When Herreras sophomore year came around she couldnt wait to compete and better her position in the state competition. Unfortunately Herrera decided to not compete in her sophomore season and wait to continue her wrestling career until her junior year.

Feeling the power of her win from her freshman year and her season cut short her sophomore year, Herrera couldnt wait to compete and build a name as a wrestler during her junior year. Herrera bumped up a weight class and knew the competition would be much harder. This didnt stop Herrera, and she won most of her matches. Once again the district and regional meets came as a breeze, and she easily qualified for the state meet. At the state meet, Herrera felt she did strongly against some of the best girls in the state.

Herrera cant wait to compete next year and hopefully place in the state competition for one last ride of high school wrestling. She has definitely left her mark on the wrestling team for girls, and cant wait to build up her career through the years.