Library Opening Its Doors for Exclusive Sights


Sascha Lewis

Students art projects were presented and would glow in the dark.

The Looking Glass

Whether it be the 2020 academic year being cut short, a limited student capacity due to COVID, or the slow recovery to form an open door library, it has definitely not been easy for the library to reach its full potential. Not a lot could be done to the library yet because of how quickly we had to close everything, student creativity was at an all time low.

However, looking around today you’ll see tons of student projects. This year the library has welcomed so many creative students to take part in decorating or showcasing work from other classes. Over the past couple of years, activities like these haven’t been completely open to use as the school originally  intended. The last time we had a normal year was in 2018 and the school had just opened, which meant that not everything could be opened like it is now. 

Projects from fashion design, forensics and a few others have been posted around the library waiting to be seen and preoccupy kids while waiting to get books or as they walk about the area. 

“The times I’ve gone to the library, I’ve realized that it has more interactive displays and the environment overall feels better than it did freshman year,” senior Yoseline Mendoza said.

These people, both incoming and alumni students for years to come will enjoy the library throughout their high school career.

“The library has cool books with lots of places to relax and get comfortable. The art I see as I’m walking to class is really cool,” freshman Jared Vallejo said.

There’s a large number of people who enjoy spending their time playing games, getting books or just viewing the artwork.

“I’ve only been here two years but it’s improved a lot. I love the student’s work; the vibrancy and intricate designs that have been put together and displayed is nice to see,” sophomore Jace Vercher said.

The library is a safe place for many students and staff, especially for students making all these nice scenery changes that can create good lasting memories. The library definitely deserves more recognition for what they do and how they’ve accommodated everyone in the school. Let’s thank the librarians for all the effort they put in to make us feel welcome every day!