Growl-N-Go: A Thriving Student-Led Business


Sebastian Gonzales

Senior Zachary Pangelinan preparing an iced coffee for eager customers

Grizzly students have started their own in-school business by opening a new coffee shop that can be found near the cafeteria. The start of Growl-N-Go was inspired by the popularity of coffee among teachers and students, who feel that they need the boost of energy that generally comes from caffeinated drinks. The most popular menu items include French vanilla and mocha iced coffees and regular American coffee. Apart from coffee drinks, this Grizzly café also sells snacks such as pop-tarts, granola bars, and other refreshers like iced teas and lemonade.  

Coffee is one of the world’s most beloved beverages, and according to recent data, the average American drinks about 3.1 cups of coffee per day. In recent years, coffee-related businesses have rapidly grown as coffee drinks such as espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, Frappuccinos, and iced coffees have become more popularized. For example, Starbucks, an American multinational chain of coffeehouses, has grown to be the most significant coffee corporation in the world, and there’s no doubt that it has inspired other new coffee businesses. 

The Grizzly café has received countless positive reviews and students have shown that they are supportive and enthusiastic about the new business. They also feel that coffee gives them the necessary energy to get through the day as its effects can last up to 12 hours. Now students can find a source of support from the school’s coffee drinks to stay awake in their classes. 

“I think it’s very convenient because I know a lot of us are tired and don’t get enough sleep,” senior Jane Sundy said. “It’s convenient to have a source to wake up, and it helps you perform better in class if you’re awake and alert.” 

Even though the café has received great reviews, many students doubted the success of its coffee products at first. They didn’t think the quality nor the flavor would meet the high expectations that generally come from our coffee-fueled society. However, after giving the coffee a chance, many were surprised to find that it was the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. Consequently, students feel that the rapid success of the café has created a more stimulating school environment, which motivates the student body to be creative when it comes to interests or likes that aren’t necessarily academic.

“It was better than what I expected. I had low standards, but it’s actually so good. Como se dice, very rich. I thought it was going to be watery, but it wasn’t. I was surprised,” senior Cahlen Mira said. 

Additionally, Grizzlies noticed that the low coffee prices of the Growl-N-Go have encouraged them to save money. Many students agree that instead of buying expensive coffee from stores such as Starbucks, which generally range from $7-$10, they can buy a cup of coffee for $3 at the school’s café! 

“You are not spending as much money as at Starbucks, and it’s really good,” sophomore Audrey Godinez said. “You don’t have to worry about going to Starbucks every morning; you get here at school, and you’re like okay, here I can get an iced coffee.”  

Apart from faithful customers, the hard-working students running the coffee shop have learned important skills needed in the food and service industry, which has also allowed them to strengthen their social skills. Grizzly students are receiving real-life work experience within school grounds, making the idea of having future in-school businesses even more appealing. 

“I just started working here last week, and personally, you know, there’s a lot of customers, but it gives you a lot of experience working in like the food industry,” junior Djuan Lemon said. 

There’s no doubt that the Growl-N-Go has positively impacted students and made our Grizzly environment more interesting, fun, and vibrant. Ideas such as this one distinguish the Grand Oaks community from other high schools in the district. As a result, students are much more likely to feel proud and supportive of their school! The positive effects of the Growl-N-Go have proved to be endless.